February 17, 2023

The plant-based coloring according to Daynà

Plant-based coloring, for whom? Why?

For several years now, plant-based hair color has been making a name for itself among organic or natural hairdressers as an ideal alternative in a world that is increasingly demanding naturalness and a commitment to less environmental impact.

Even if the results of these vegetable dyes are more limited than with oxidation dyes (you cannot, for example, lighten your natural color with a vegetable dye...!), the less aggressive approach, the absence of root effects and the preservation of the hair fiber and its own texture, offer so many advantages for covering white hair, at all ages and on all hair types. 

Daynà's plant-based coloring:

Accustomed to magnifying the aesthetic expectations of his Western clientele in his career as a hair colorist, it was very natural for Pascal Tribouillier to initiate a search for coloring plants to complement the plant-based proposal of the Daynà brand.

Thus, in March 2012, the brand Daynà expands its offer by completing it with its new range: Le Soin Colorant aux Plantes, developed around 8 shades:

Indigo // Black // Dark brown // Chestnut // Light brown // Neutral // Red // Blonde

Plant-based coloring and Ayurveda :

The aesthetic approach to hair coloring is not a principle directly associated with Ayurveda ... Yet some plants used in Ayurvedic preparations have coloring properties.

These, combined with other plants with curative or stimulating properties, make it possible to compose recipes combining care and soft coloring of the hair fiber.

The range of plant-based hair coloring offered by Daynà is therefore, like all of the brand's products, 100% natural / plant-based, made in India, and inspired by Ayurvedic traditions.

Daynà : A plant-based coloring committed and labeled organic!

Daynà's Herbal Dye Care colors hair with naturally pure plants

All these preparations are certified "natural and organic" by the BDIH label (in particular to validate the absence of harmful substances) and subject to strict and regular controls in independent and recognized laboratories.

Daynà's Herbal Color Care does not contain any preservatives, color "enhancers", peroxides, ... or chemical agents in general.

Health and Safety are our priority!

Vegetal coloring : What results ?

Daynà's Plant Color Care provides color, shine, volume and protection in one single action!

Thanks to a careful and particular preparation, Daynà's Herbal Hair Color Care colors as well as other natural hair colors.

Daynà's Herbal Color Care also contains specific Ayurvedic herbs known to strengthen and shine the hair:

For healthy, shiny hair with only the power of nature!

Daynà's plant-based coloring : Where to find us ?

Daynà's Herbal Color Care is available at some of our partner hairdressers. 

Contact the one closest to you to find out if he offers this service!

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For application at home, doses of Daynà's Herbal Color Care are available in our online store.

For a first order, an exchange of visuals of your hair will be necessary to establish the mixture adapted to your hair and your wishes!

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